Norca Industrial Company LLC.

How Well Connected Are You?

By partnering with Norca Industrial Company  LLC, you gain market access from our 60 years of combined international business expertise which expands to more than five continents from numerous top tier manufacturers specializing in their own specific commodity.

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A close up of pipes and valves in a factory.
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The Company

North America's preeminent provider of Industrial Fluid Handling Material in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, and Titanium. We are  an International trading company specializing in the bridging of the supply and demand of the consuming metal markets and the most respected steel manufacturers of from across the globe. Our business is connecting you to our worldwide sources of suppliers in record time and to ensure that the transaction is smooth and flawless.

Our Attention To Detail Is Your Best Connection To Reliability

Norca is committed to excellence every step of the way with:

A Worldwide Tracking System

We have one of the most advanced computer systems in the industry.  With Specifically designed software, we can track orders from initial placement, through production, until final delivery to the customer.  Anywhere, anytime.

Constant Monitoring

We monitor all stages of production to ensure ongoing quality and time delivery.

Attention to Advances in Technology

Our eye on the future has made us a leader in product development.  We are constantly researching alternative sources and new developments in the technology of fluid handling materials.


That our most important connection is to you.

A bunch of pipes that are in a room.
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